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    Wavelink TE don't reconize a few letters.




      Our customer are using an Intermec CN51 WM unit whit Wavelink Terminal Emulator.

      In Norway the letters ÆØÅ is used on on-screen qwerty, when in TE they need to type a name for example Norwegian name Bjørn.


      In their system they need to type these in large letters as BJØRN, what happens in Wavelink is that special letter is typed whit lower case, BJøRN.

      When this happen the system does not reconize the letter and does not appear on final confirmation for theur customer again, so no refrense on the order.


      If we type directly on Notes for example it types all big letters so we can't find issue whit the unit or on-screen keyboard.


      Does anyone know what may be wrong or what needs to be done so letters ÆØÅ is typed right in Wavelink?


      Best Regards

      Øystein Stakvik

      Lexit Group