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    understand how landesk data base is organized

    HermiM Apprentice

      Hi !


      I am new with Landesk and I would like to understand the relations between tables especially for provisioning.

      for example I have understood that there are pre-defined actions (table PROV_ACTION_TYPE) that can be performed during provisioning.each pre-defined action can be assigned to one or many pre-defined sections and each pre-defined section contains one or many pre-defined actions. Thus, the table PROV_ACTION_SECTION represents the relationship between PROV_ACTION_TYPE and PROV_SECTION_DEF. Now once a LANDESK user create a new task a new entry will be added to the table PROV_ACTION_DEF that contain a field named 'ACTION_TYPE' (by the way does the value represent PROV_ACTION_TYPE_IDN ?)


      As I can understood, LANDESK consider that provisioning template is divided to 5 sections in each section there are a set of actions defined (from PROV_ACTION_DEF not from PROV_ACTION_TYPE). my question is how to find the relation between this 3 component (template,section,action_def). For example I want to know what are actions that have been performed in a specific section during a specific template).


      I need thiese informations because I have to build a tool to find out which software were installed during OS provisioning.


      Please I need your help.


      Thanks in advance.