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    inventory scan: The system cannot find the file specified

    FrankG Rookie

      LDMS 9.6 sp2 deployed.

      For some clients (without any inventory uploaded to the core server), I try to start the inventory from the core server. But it gives the error "The system cannot find the file specified".

      When I start from the client, it's OK and the inventory is uploaded to the core server.

      The core server resolves well the ip adress of the client (win 8.1 sp1).

      What is this file the core server tries to reach ?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The method is trying to use a database variable to find the scanner ldiscn32.exe location on the client. As the DB record is not complete, it does not pass across the correct location.


          Go to Distribution - Manage Scripts

          Find the Inventory Scan script and make a copy

          Now edit your copy so that the command line will reference the correct path rather than use the database variable. Be careful of 32 bit vs. 64 bit OS types.


          Once you have this working you can use it on these incomplete inventory records.


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