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    Kaspersky on HP t520 Thin Client errors out



      I'm trying to install Kaspersky AV to this HP t520 Thin Client through a Scheduled Task, the task works on Desktops and Laptops with no problem.

      With HP Thin Client it fails and in the log file everything is good up to the end of the log file and here the last several lines


      "Installing Microsoft(R) redistributables...


      Contacting server...


      Checking setup files


      Registering ldavhlpr.dll

      Running Application regsvr32.exe



      Checking for other antivirus products


      Installing LANDESK Antivirus client

           Failed: LANDESK Antivirus msi failed (0x80004005)

      Contacting server...



      Sending status to core"




      Any ideas? Firewall is turned off, write filter is off, the Agent is install. It happens when i have the Desktop or the Thin Client agent installed on the HP Thin Client.

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          cri Apprentice

          Maybe you need to redirect the %Temp%, by default temp is on Z drive with only 128mb available.

          To do so modify the environment variable  to point to C: instead of Z:


          It is also possible that LANDESK antivirus is not compatible with Windows Embedded, the Embedded agent don't include the antivirus so I assume you're using the Windows agent.


          Usually we don't install antivirus on thin client because access to file (usb, etc.) is limited and write filter reduce the need of one.

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            I already changed the Temp to point to C: I had to do that for the agent.

            AV should be able to install

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              cri Apprentice

              Look for this log then : C:\ProgramData\LANDeskAV\ldav_install.log

              You should find more details about the error.

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                Thanks, I'll take a look there.

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                  LANDave SupportEmployee

                  If you look at this section of "How to troubleshoot LANDESK Antivirus" it will show you the log files that are used by LANDESK Antivirus:



                  In your case it is the actual Kaspersky .MSI that is failing, so you would need to look in the Kaspersky MSI log.


                  Log FilenamePurposeLocation
                  ldav_install.logLogs installation activity controlled by LDAV.EXEC:\ProgramData\LandeskLog
                  msi_install.logLogs installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security .MSIC:\ProgramData\LANDESKAV
                  installav.log (or installav#.log)Logs installation activity controlled by Vulscan.exeC:\ProgramData\vulscan (9.6 SP1 & Older) C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Log (9.6 SP2 & above)
                  KESPatchMSI.log, KESPatch.logLogs installation of all Kaspersky patches appliedC:\ProgramData\Landesk\Log
                  KL*.log, Ucaevents.logLogs installation of KasperskyC:\Windows\Temp or %Temp%

                  Installation troubleshooting tips: To easily open the log file directories at the client "Run" line type "vulscan e" to open the %appdata%\vulscan directory or "vulscan av" to open the %appdata%\LANDESKAV folder


                  Most installation failures will be logged within the MSI_INSTALL.LOG or in the KL*.log.  Installation activity is also recorded to the Security Activity tool within the LDMS console.