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    Problems with Scanner="AutoTab" attibute on Motorola MC9190




      I have a few questions regarding VelocityCE.

      I’m using Motorola MC9190 with Windows Mobile 6.5 as a test device. Device is configured with default configuration settings.

      I have seen some inconsistencies in the VelocityCE (Client v1.0.29, Server v1.1.019).


      HTML page is very simple just for showing my problem which I had or I’m still having.





          <meta http-equiv="Scanner" content="Disable"/>



          <input tabindex="2" type='text' Scanner="AutoTab" /><br />

          <input autofocus tabindex="1" type='text' /><br />

          <input tabindex="3" type='text' Scanner="AutoTab"  /><br />




      1. Device was not cold booted for quite some time. On page load second input element was not focused first (problem A). In fact no element was focused when page was loaded. I was able to focus input element by hand or by pressing up or down key on the device. When I pressed the scan button the scanned data was present in the input element. But focus stood on the same element and caret blinked before first character(problem B). If I pressed scan button again the new data overwrote the old content in the input element(problem C). Shutting down the application didn’t help. Problems A, B and C gone away by restarting the test device.


      2. Second problem is that when page loads the scanner should be disabled (if meta tag, like in the test above, is present). This works ok. But if I focus (active) first or third input element scanner is still disabled. As I understand, only when 1. and 3. input element are focused scanner gets enabled? If I refresh the page, then scanner gets enabled, but stays enabled for all input elements. But is should be enabled only for 1. and 3 input element?


      3. I have problems with Scanner attribute. When scan is triggered on the element which has Scanner attribute with AutoTab content in it, focus stays on the same input element every time I try to scan. Scanner=”AutoTab” attribute should trigger tab key press event after something is scanned? But on my test device this is not the case. Tab key event is not triggered, therefore focus stays on the same element.


      For example if I attach (keypress and keydown and other) listeners to the input element and if I scan “46000075” I get two events (I tried different code types too). One is Keydown event with keycode 0 and second event is keypress event with keycode 52 . Scanned data is correct, but focus stays on the same element even with Scanner=”AutoTab” attribute.


      When I add meta tag

      <meta http-equiv="ScannerNavigate" content="Javascript:OnScan('%s','%s','%s');" />

      and a callback function, that callback function gets called on scan action. Focused input stays empty, which is correct behavior I assume.

      But I’m trying to avoid this kind of solution of filling the input elements and jumping on the next element.


      I just need the second and third question answered, please.