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    Exclude Process from Knowledge Search

    Adam Wilden Expert



      We have a process which is a clone of our Request process and being used to create CIs.


      Unfortunately, these are really clogging up our search results so we need to make them non-knowledgeable.


      Problem is I believe that all individual processes inherit this from Process, so we can't switch it off.


      Likewise we are using attributes inherited from Process.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks as always...



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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Adam, can you deselect process and then select the individual modules instead?

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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Hi Elizabeth,


            I don't think it's possible to deselect Process.


            I think we may have to replace some standard fields with new ones and make them not knowledgeable.


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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              Hi Adam


              Sorry this is a bit late but I was off last week.  I just wanted to add that you should be able to switch off process as being knowledgeable and switch it on again which allows you to select the individual objects you want.  Maybe try doing this from Object Designer (properties of Process Object) rather than Knowledge Admin.  You may find you will need a full kb rebuild afterwards or that one kicks off automatically.


              It may be worth discussing with support.




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                Adam Wilden Expert

                Hiya Karen,


                On our Test system we have Process as non-Knowledgeable (via Object Designer).


                Modules (IRC etc) look like you can set them at that level but after trying to change the "Is Knowledgeable" boolean drop-down it simply doesn't stick...


                Likewise via Knowledge Admin.


                Am I doing something wrong - or is there any SQL we can use?

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                  karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                  Hi Adam


                  Basically you have to switch off is knowledgeable on process and save this and then switch it back on again at each process level.  I was sure there was a document relating to this.  I can see an archived one so need to follow up with support to investigate whether they want to move this public but here are the steps from it:


                  The reason why you can cant change your object to have the value of False is because this is set by Process, which is the parent of all the above objects, so your selection of false would always be ignored.


                  Moving forward, if you wish to change this, you would need to do the following.


                  Go into Knowledge Management Administration

                  Then click on the Configuration

                  Expand the tree to go Process Management\Process.


                  Note: You can only untick the top level Process and this will set all objects to be false.  Once saved, you cannot choose here what you wish to knowledgeable, what you will need to do is go into Object Designer, then set each object you want to be knowledgeable and build your knowledge again.


                  If this doesn't work please call support as they can talk you through this.  You shouldn't need to do anything through the back end.