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    Patch Management - Agent & Reboot Settings


      Since we are a large organization, we have one core server specifically used for Servers.  We are moving to LANDesk Management Suite 9.6 SP2 and would like to ensure we have the right settings.


      Since the clients are servers, the priority is reducing downtime.  Nothing is Autofix, and all reboots are scheduled. There are currently no prompts, no deferment, no countdowns, etc.


      We would like two patching options controlled through “Scheduled Tasks”.

      1. Scan against the Compliance group, Stage/repair detected vulnerabilities, and wait for a scheduled reboot task.  Nothing after the reboot.
      2. Scan against the Compliance group, Stage/repair, immediately reboot.  Repeat until completely compliant.  Once compliant, revert back to normal agent settings.


      With the new changes in 9.6 we are worried about getting all the right settings.

      Thanks in advance.