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    Problem with the creation of Incidents via email


      Hello everybody,


      I just encountered an issue, where I cannot see any reason why this was happening. First of all: The issue was fixed (at least for now) by editing and saving the process.


      - The ServiceDesk ist configured to generate an Incident when receiving en email to a certain mailbox - pretty basic that!

      - The DB was set up to start the process-IDs with no. 10001 - also pretty basic

      - there are two different mailboxes referring to the same process: Prio1 and Prio2

      The issue was as follows:

      - When receiving an email to Prio1-mailbox there was a retur email e.g. "Process 70 was generated" But there is no "process 70" to be found anywhere. Emails sent to Prio2 worked just fine.

      - restarting invound mail and background service (jsut as a precaution)

      - Great now both mailboxes generate processes in the lower numbers an cannot be found

      - reconfiguring the mailboxes and the bindings didn't help

      - so next step: opening the process, changing something minor and then saving it - voilà: Everything is fine!

      Has anyone seen something like this before and has an idea what is causing this?

      Thanks in advance.

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