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    how to prevent select a host popup


      On the Intermec CK71 devices a popup with the title "Select a Host" comes up periodically whenever a session has ended. The host profile is set to auto-launch, and the session is set to reconnect in the emulation settings; however it still popups and requests the user select a host profile. Can this be automated?

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



          The pop up should only appear if you have multiple Host Profiles defined within the device. You may have Host Profile 1 set to AutoLaunch at startup but after a reconnect the pop up will probably still appear as you're indicating. If you're trying to autoconnect and reconnect to the same Host Profile every time then why do you even need multiple Host Profiles defined?

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            The problem is that every time operators leave the device alone long enough for the device to power down (to save battery) and the server to disconnect their session, this popup comes back when they turn the device back on. It would seem to me that the emulation would simply note the power event and reconnect the session the operator was on.

            We use 2 different host profiles because we have a legacy app that we are not able to replace currently, but we still want to use several more modern browser based apps at the same time. They switch between the profiles via key combinations so the popup is kind of annoying especially if they were on session 2 because they must select it otherwise session 1 takes over session 2 and that is highly inconvenient (especially when the operators are not especially computer savy).

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              Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

              Here is what I would suggest.


              From a device side, extend the inactivity timeout so that the device's radio stays on for at least the duration of a short break (20 minutes). This may also take some server side configuration as well if you have an inactivity timeout on that side.


              From a TelnetCE configuration side of things I suggest looking into the following Settings


              Emulation Parameters

              - Auto Connect Session - set to Yes

              - Auto Resume Sessions - try setting to All

              - Number of Sessions - Set to 2+ if you haven't already


              Host Profile

              Within each Host Profile configuration's AutoLaunch tab, assign each Host to AutoLaunch into a unique Session. Ie. Host 1 on Session 1, Host 2 on Session 2, etc.


              Lastly, if you're expecting the TelnetCE application to automatically resume the exact same session that the user was disconnect from then you will need to employ some form of session persistence. ConnectPro/TermProxy is the free middleware software provided by Wavelink that accomplishes this. Otherwise, the only thing that you will be able to accomplish is reconnecting to the same Host Profile automatically, not the exact same session.