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    Failed to call webservice. Exitcode: 2

    milandudukovich Rookie

      Core 9.5 SP2


      Issue: Cannot load provisioning templates

      Error: The username or password specified is not correct. Provide new credentials.


      The local ldprovision.log shows this:


      2015-09-22 01:29:58(8096-6940) ldProvision.exe:Call web service CheckCredentials()

      2015-09-22 01:29:58(8096-6940) ldProvision.exe:Start TryallWebService Attempt:0.

      2015-09-22 01:29:59(8096-6940) ldProvision.exe:End TryallWebService Attempt:0. ExitCode:2

      2015-09-22 01:29:59(8096-6940) ldProvision.exe:Failed to call web service. exitCode=2


      I'm at a loss and logs from provisioning and IIS are not getting me anywhere. Everything had been working great until today.