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    Change role

    SamRiley Apprentice

      Hi Guy's,


      We have now split our department into 2 parts one for Service and one for Delivery.


      We need to remove the ability for the Delivery Team to have access to Incidents and Service Requests as all incidents and requests should now be managed by the Service Teams, however they still need access to be able to raise changes.


      Can any one advise how this can be done?


      I am thinking we may be able to create a role and then apply certain permissions? However i'm unsure of which permissions to Add/Remove.


      Many thanks,



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          What I would suggest is to remove their published permissions to anything that has Incidents or Request queries in it.  Then, create a new shortcut group and publish it just to them and in there only have the Change Management stuff.  It's going to be hard to remove permission to Incidents, especially if you still need them to be able to create Incidents for themselves should they need to do that.


          You'll need to remove the Incident/Request permissions that may give them the rights to Approve requests, resolve, close, etc...   Use this script to hide various actions while still allowing the automatic action to run in the background.



          You'll want to make sure you do some serious testing by logging in as someone from that role to see what they may still have access too.


          Good Luck