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    Report on Incident Assignments/Resolutions and Change Assignments/Completions


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a report to show all Incident Assignments/Resolutions and Change Assignments/Completions. For now I'm focusing on the Incident Assignments and I will progress as I get each bit working - so with that in mind, I have the following structure set-up.


      pm_process.pm_guid --> tps_audit_trail.tps_object_guid

      pm_process.pm_latest_assignment_gp_guid --> tps_group.tps_guid

      tps_audit_trail.tps_function_id --> md_business_function.md_guid

      md_business_function.md_class_type --> md_class_type.md_guid


      This gives me the following:


      Incident Reference, Business Function (e.g. 'Add Assignment'), Class Type (e.g. 'Incident') and the Latest Assignment Group.


      BUT I obviously want to see all of the assignments, so I change the links to be the following (adding in the top two links):


      pm_process_assignment.pm_process_guid --> pm_process.pm_guid

      pm_process_assignment.pm_group_guid --> tps_group.tps_guid

      pm_process.pm_guid --> tps_audit_trail.tps_object_guid

      tps_audit_trail.tps_function_id --> md_business_function.md_guid

      md_business_function.md_class_type --> md_class_type.md_guid


      Which gives me:


      Incident Reference, Business Function (e.g. 'Add Assignment'), Class Type (e.g. 'Incident') and the Assignment Group of that particular assignment


      Which is exactly what I want - so for Incident example 1234 I can see there were three assignments (Group1, Group2 and Group3) . However, because there have been three assignments it is tripling every entry in the report three times (and if there had been 4 assignments, it will quadruple them all). Does anybody have any setups that achieves my overall goal?


      If this isn't possible I'm going to need to resort to subreports....


      Thanks in advance,