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    Interrupted software distribution policies seem to hang until job is restarted


      Good Afternoon,


      We generally use policy based software distribution, targeted at users in active directory groups, which seems to work well for us.

      I'm not sure when this started but we are finding that if a task is interrupted (machine goes to stand-by or turns off) the task will not resume until the next day or until the job is restarted.


      We have tried getting end users to refresh their portal and run policysync.exe (without switches), I'm not sure if we have inadvertently done something in our agent configuration to cause this behavior or perhaps something went wrong in a patch?


      As a stop gap measure we have set our policies to restart every hour (on machine that did not succeed) but this is far from ideal.


      We never had to set any kind of repeat schedule in the past, even when a machine was re-imaged it would download the missing software. 


      I get the feeling I'm missing something obvious here, any suggestions are more then welcome