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    Agent installation failure




      We have around 300 PCs running Landesk Agent happily, installed either through GPO or manually in few cases. However once or twice I've had agent installation failures. It only happened on 5-6 PCs over the last few years so not a big deal, but one recent failure is in a remote building with extra security so fixing it would save us having to go there each time user needs some help.


      So far the usual fix that worked in all cases was - run "UninstallWinAgent.exe" (PC then reboots), after which I delete Landesk folder from ProgramFiles, delete all registry items with "Landesk" in them, reboot the PC, disable antivirus software and reinstall the agent. On that pesky PC it still fails after I've done all that.


      Agent sort-of installs, there's Landesk folder in ProgramFiles and node appears in the Management Console, however I can't remote control it and Desktop Manager fails to open with "Policy Synchronization Failed" message.


      It's a Windows 7 64-bit machine.


      Error log attached, any help appreciated.