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    Menu toggle key


      Dear all hello,


      I have installed wavelink emulator on a CN3/CN4 Intermec numeric keyboard.Please can you provide me the menu toggle key value for key ESC?

      I didnt manage to find the value for the key ESC.Or please provide me the menu toggle key value for any other key of my device(0,1,2,3 etc)

      Thank you.

      Best regards,

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



          If you are looking for the menu toggle key value for bringing up the Options menu of TelnetCE when the application is in Full Screen mode then that configuration is set within the Emulation Parameters. There is no default Key value defined, although I suggest using Alt-O.


          If instead you are just looking to determine the Hex key values for your physical keys you can press the Alt-D key combination while in the application which will bring up the diagnostics menu. You can use the corresponding Keyboard and Windows Keyboard tests to help determine what your individual key values are.

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            good morning.Thank you for your support.But unfortunately my CN3/CN4 device have a numeric keyboard.In which aplication you mean to press ALT-D combination?

            Wavelink i guess.Yes i want to determine which are the key values are.

            Thank you very much again.

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              please can you provide me the combination of keys on my CN3/CN4 device while i am on wavelink aplication to

              a:appear keyboard on my screen.

              b:appear diagnostics menu on my screen

              thank you very much