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    Support Groups - any warnings about changing their names?

    vmauchlen Rookie

      We want to change the names of some of our support groups in line with our current structure.    We also want to combine two support groups.     What will happen to our historical data and queries if we do this?

      Thanks for any advice.

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          bmagurn Apprentice

          There are 2 attributes on the Support Group window: Name & Title.

          You can change the name without any issues, b/c the unique identifier (title) will remain unchanged.


          As long as your queries are built on the Support Group.Title field, you should be ok.


          You may want to go into query and report designer and change it to "View By" module / Business object.
          Check all your queries, filters, etc that are built on the System\Support Group module/Business object, and make sure that any criteria are built on the correct attribute: Name or Title.