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    Email Reminders Being Sent With Wrong Mailbox Mapping


      When our Service Desk was first configured by our vendor, we had only one mailbox. Some time ago we added more with each process and re-mapped them accordingly.


      However, when a note is added or responded to, the email reminder from our incident process is being sent from the previous mailbox mapping even though it shows that it's now mapped to the correct current one.


      For example, email reminders should flow this way: Add note ---> Add reminder ---> Incident mapping/mailbox.


      But it's going this way instead: Add note ---> Add reminder ---> Triage mapping/mailbox. This results in notes not being added to the ticket and end users receiving an error, "The process identifier 123456 for process Triage was invalid."


      In our console, the incident mapping is referencing the incident process as it should. We are using 7.7.3. Thank you in advance.