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    Digitally signed emails with body embedded in smime.p7m entered as blank notes

    mushoku Apprentice

      The body of digitally signed email is sometimes (not always) embedded in an attachment named smime.p7m.  This is always the case for digitally encrypted email.  When Outlook, and many other mail clients, read digitally signed emails with the body embedded in smime.p7m, it will display the body the same as unsigned emails.


      Because of all of this, we sometimes get blank notes, and an attachment of smime.p7m.  This requires the analyst to have additional training to go into the incident, look at the attachments, and open the smime.p7m attachment in notepad to extract the email body (which is to say, it often gets ignored, whether intentionally or otherwise).


      Is this anything you have faced?  Do you have a method to work this out?


      Options I've considered, and their associated problems:

      1)  (Best option, if able) Implement method for Service Desk Inbound Mail to pull the message body (and any embedded attachments) from smime.p7m when the email is not encrypted, and use that (those) when creating the note (and any attachments)

           - I cannot find any information on smime or p7m (read: I have no idea how I could implement this)

      2)  When sending a notification for a note created via email, include in the body "Attachments: [names of attachments or 'none']"

           - The attachments are added after the note and its notification are created, so it will always say that there are no attachments

      3)  Send notifications for every attachment

           - We already have complaints of too many emails generated by Service Desk


      Thank you!