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    Newbie in need of Help


      As a newbie struggling a little to find answers to im hoping some simple issues


      Basically i created a bat file distribution package to simply copy some files to a device then move them to a new location


      I tested on a single machine and all worked well


      I tested on a 15 device pilot and again all went ok


      i then updated the files that i wanted to copy (approx same size) and went for a 70 device pilot


      Pretty much 100% failure rate with a return code of 16422


      The package is the same barring the content (they are the same type of file and same size just a newer version)


      So my question is


      If i changed the files that it was sending do i need to rehash the job as i have read in a support doc this could be a cause of the issue




      I did notice while watching the job that the data transfer rate was a lot slower than when i did the 15 device pilot. Could it be a bandwidth issue at server end as at device end ping times are still within acceptable limits or am i missing something else


      All comments would be a massive help

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          This definitely sounds like a file hash issue.


          Usually just restarting the Task should rehash but just to be safe I usually delete the Task Perform a reset package hash on the package and then recreate the Task.


          That should solve your problem. I don't think it is a Bandwidth problem