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    LANDesk 9.6 deployment


      I am a newbie to LANDesk. I set up a core server and that part went pretty well.  Then I started using the wizards to begin making configurations, and then deployed some agents.  As soon as the agents were deployed, we had several end-users who could no longer print to their default printers. It was as if their driver had been removed.  All our printers are networked using TCP/IP, and we do not use print servers; we just set the desktops to print directly to the printer's IP address.  So immediately after deploying about 2 dozen agents, 4 or 5 people were no longer able to print to their HP LaserJets.  Each of these people was still able to print to MFP/copiers that were also set up on their PCs, but they could not print to their default printers (which are various HP LaserJets such as the 4050, the P2055, and the P3015).  Does anyone know the best way to fix these printer issues?  When I removed the agent completely from one of the desktops with the printer woes, it still did not fix the issue, but I still feel certain LANDesk is part of the issue, because I have not seen such widespread issues like this, in years, if ever, and nothing else was changed except installing these agents.


      Thanks in advance to everyone.  If you can help me with this I will be extremely thankful.



      Flux B.