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    Feedback Manager Collection

    bialae Apprentice

      In the PDF document titled "Customer Happiness Tracking", under OBJECTS, there is a step to add an Attribute to the "INCIDENT MANAGEMENT.INCIDENT" with the following:

      Name: Feedback Manager Collection

      Type: Collection of Call Management.Call

      My question is, (using the Wizard to create the Attribute), after entering the Title Feedback Manager Collection, and chose Type: String, and entered a Max Length of -1, and the rest defaults; when the Attribute is created, do I just have to drag the Call Management.Call onto it to create the relationship of one is to many?

      Please kindly help clarify.

      Thank you so much.


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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          You need to make a collection of the CallManagement.Call object rather than creating a new objetc via the Wizard.


          To do this open Object Designer and expand Call Management.


          Expand Incident Management and select the Incident object. Keeping this selected drag it up to the Call Object under Call Management. Release control and select 'Yes' on the dialogue that is presented.


          Staying in Object Designer double click the Incident object under Incident Management. You will see a relationship named Call Collection, rename this to Feedback Manager Collection.


          You will also need to create an actior for this. To do this right click on the Feedback Manager Collection and select Manage Actions (this may be documented in accompanying documentation)


          Let me know if you need any more help.



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            bialae Apprentice

            Hello Andrew,


            Thank you so very much for showing me how to do this. Many of these steps I am seeing for the first time and I am so grateful for your help.