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    Hii Action in System Configuration during Provisioning Hangs

    MrGadget Expert

      I'm running 9.6 SP2

      We did all our HII testing during 9.5 SP2 but since upgrading to 9.6 SP2 there was the availability to add a second HII action in the System Configuration part of the template after installing an agent..


      My problem is we are using a HII action to run a driver install package to 2 different models, a E6510 and OptiPlex 780, they were tested and provisioning went good. However we did not test on a E6400 and we don't have any assigned driver packages for this model.

      During Provisioning when it gets to the HII action in the System Configuration section it hangs forever. At the machine itself if you try to do anything it tells you that explorer has hung and wants to close, that's all you can do other than CTRL Alt Del which bings up Task manager and hangs.

      After rebooting and logging in I went though all log files in Windows\temp and in ldclient log folder. Nothing says what went wrong other then there was a error.

      One note here, take out the Hii and provisioning works on this model.

      My guess is if there isn't a action to be done in HII it hangs. I don't want to make a template for every model we don't have a HII driver package for. Any suggestions??????????????

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          nick.evans SupportEmployee

          Hi Mike,

          Here's a couple things I've seen be problematic in the fashion you're describing.


          Are you able to open task manager on the device while it is hung?

          Is HIIClient running (memory fluctuating)?

          If yes, it's possible it's just chugging away processing, though the explorer crash is weird.


          How large is your HII library?

          I have seen library's that were huge, and basically cause things to go pretty slow. I don't have a threshold of size, but it's something to consider.

          As a test you could go make a new folder, point your HII library at that folder (so it's got no drivers to actually use/load) and run your template again.

          This would do 2 things:

          1. Identify if it's something with the action/template that is problematic

          2. Identify if it's the library itself causing issues


          If the new empty library does not cause the issue I can think of 2 possible culprits

          1. The size is large, and the task is slow

          2. There is a driver getting laid down that is causing issues


          If it's the former, you should see that in the task manager.

          If it's the latter, you could look at the hiiclient log after a reboot to see what drivers got paired. From there it becomes a troubleshooting process of weeding out drivers to find the one that might be causing issues.

          In this particular scenario my suspicion would be that HIIClient ran, paired drivers, put them in the LDDriverStore, and is trying to load them into windows (can't recall the process that loads them when it's in windows, but it's DISM when in WinPE).

          At the bottom of the HIIClient log there should be a line indicating it calls something to actually load the drivers, I think there might be a corresponding log with that process.

          As I write this, this scenario actually sounds pretty plausible since your experiencing the explorer crash only on this model....

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            MrGadget Expert

            This problem was never resolved. Since we retired all our E 6400 Laptops the situation cured itself.