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    View rule for window


      I am creating view rules for one of my windows and the only action option I am getting is "Populate bundle attribute". The actions have been created in object designer and have been added to the process. When the action is clicked in the process the correct window is shown.

      view error.JPG

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          Apparently there is a type of workaround to take care of this.


          The process has changed for inserting rules in versions 7.8 and up.

          As a work around, the customer will need to create new business objects if they want different Add Note windows for the same process (incident, for example).

          Rules will need to be inserted directly on those note business objects in order to specify which window will appear, along with view selector rules by user type, group, or role.

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            ma92675 Apprentice

            DrNelson, I guess I need some clarification if possible.  We are running version 7.8.3.


            If I want to have on an Incident, for example, the normal "Add Note" action, along with a "Contact End User" Action which basically does the same thing, but with a slightly different 'Note' window, I would have to create a new 'Contact End User' business object with required attributes, create the associated window and Action, then create a rule to use that window when that action is performed?  Our problem is that we allow users to reply to any notification email and it will update the ticket.  If they reply to a 'Note' notification, that reply is added as a 'Note' due to the 'Inbound Email' Action.  Because of this, any reply's from any notification type will be added as a Note and not stored with the originating action object.  So if we send a 'Contact End User' notification and they reply, it will come back in as a Note.  This makes it difficult to see the conversation flow in collections and queries.


            It was my hope I could just add another 'Add Note' action, rename it, and associate it with a different Window, but you can't have multiple 'Add Note' actions on a single status.


            I have also tried to make a secondary 'Note Collection' on Incident, name it something else, create it's own action called 'Contact End User' and add that to the process.  The trouble here is associating that action with a different Note window.


            I hope I gave enough details.  I can elaborate if needed.


            Is there a better solution? Thanks!

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              For add notes we do not use a separate action, that way no matter when a note is added it is placed in order. Similar to the out of the box incident (shown below).

              My original question was about getting the right windows to show up in the process, especially when you create your own windows.

              In older versions any window that was tied to Request (for example) such as Project Detail, would go under Request Management.Request

              Now if you have the same Project Detail window you have to create a new business object and window view. Which makes for a messy screen.


              Not sure if that helps or makes things worse.

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                ma92675 Apprentice

                Kind of made things worse lol but thanks.  I guess what we would really like to do, to make it simple, would be to have an Action called "Add Note", and another called "Contact End User", that both use the Note attributes, just different Note windows and different automatic actions.  I just don't see an easy way to do this.





                With what you suggest, I add the Incident-Note Business Object to the Window View Rules screen, I select our Incident process, but I cannot see any Note Actions.  Confused


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                  I have attached documentation on how I added a window