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    Patch Manager Updates Download

    mmesse Rookie

      Hi, I,m just new using Patch Manager and my question is how come everytime I download Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities with Download Updates, Landesk downloads every updates since 1998 to the unassigned group. I move them to the scan or do not scan group but when I do a download again all the updates come back again....

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          Are you certain that you move them to another group and don't delete some definitions because they're old and/or you think you don't need them?


          Patching definitions that match the criteria you have selected for your download will always be downloaded if they are missing from the CORE server. That is why you should never delete a patching definition but only move it do the "Do not scan" folder.

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            mmesse Rookie

            Right, I did not deleted them but I used the "purge" button to get rid off the old definitions (WinXP, Office2003,etc...).

            So looked like that was not a good idea, so move them to the do not scan folder, downloaded again, and of course everything works fine.


            Thanx for the advise but then in what case should the purge button be use?

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              I've never used it personally, but by the looks of it, it would seem useful if you have have been testing a new area of patching (e.g. Linux as OS or Blocked Applications as type) and then decide you wont patch/use that after all. Then the purge option lets you easily delete all the definitions associated by that OS or type. Could also be that you have been patching a lot of different languages and then find out many of them is no longer needed.