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    LANDesk Inventory Service Terminates Unexpectedly

    zeetwoeight Apprentice


      We have had the LANDesk inventory service terminate unexpectedly 3 times (all at 10:00 pm on July 11th, 19th, 28th).  THere are no scheduled events on the server and the backups do not run until approx. 2:00 am.  The error message from the event logs are:



      System Event Log : THe LANDesk Inventory Server service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 3 time(s).



      Application Event Log : Faulting application ldinv32.exe, version, stamp 47e7b980, faulting module ldinv32.exe, version, stamp 47e7b980, debug? 0, fault address 0x00033d20.



      Any suggestions as to what to look for here?