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    how recovery a license from TelnetCE Version 7.3.74


      I register a incorrect model of handheld  and generate the license for an this incorrect model

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          You don't need to worry about registering for the correct model. The important items to register for are the version of TE you will be using (7.0,7.2, or 7.3) and the emulation type of the host (IBMHOST 5250 3270 or VT/HP) All of the other questions are compiled to supply you with a link for the TE client. If you register for the correct version of TE and emulation type, the license will work on any device type under those parameters. And for the client download, you can just download the client from our website www.wavelink.com > Downloads and Free Trials > Select a Manufacturer > Select a Model > Select the OS > Select the product > Select the version you want to download.


          If you did register incorrectly for either the version of TE, or the emulation type, call us on the support line and we will be happy to help you with a license exchange.


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