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    I cannot Save a Note for an Incident if that Incident has a Child Incident that is also open on the screen


      This problem occurs in a fairly limited set of circumstances.

      Has anyone seen it before?  Does anyone know how to prevent it?

      We have an adequate workaround, so a full solution would be nice, but not essential.


      When an Analyst tries to save a Note to an Incident, this error message is displayed:

      After this Error, the Note appears to have been saved, but has no Serial Number in the Notes pane below the main Incident Pane.

      However, this is illusory.  If the Analyst closes and then re-opens the Incident, the Note without a Serial Number is no longer there.


      This error seems to occur in the in the following specific circumstances:

      a) An Analyst is trying to add a Note to an Incident

      b) The Incident has a Child Incident, and the Child Incident is displayed on screen.

      c) The Child Incident is Closed.  (It is not clear whether this condition is needed to trigger the error.)


      Close the Child Incident and normal behaviour resumes.