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    Scripting support on Wavelink TE


      For a customer I’m investigating the possibilities to alter the Display Background when a certain text appears from the Host.

      In fact, they want the background to clearly change when the text ‘Succes” is send from the Host.

      I found the possibility to use scripting with ‘Search_Screen” on every Screen Update.

      But I could not find an option to do something with the display.

      Playing only a beep sound is not enough, it’s a noisy environment.


      Could anyone help me on this?

      Thanks in advance!

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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          With out knowing the emulation type being used I will describe a couple different methods to do so..


          Emulation type: VT/IBM

          You can use the screen reformatter within TE to accomplish this task.. Vverify that they keyword is on the screen and make changes with in the reformatter to change what you..


          Emulation type: WEB


          you can use a insert with the java-script function: document.body.style.backgroundColor = "red"; , to change the background color..


          hope that helps..