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    Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade




      I'd like to know if anyone has successfully deployed a Windows 10 in place upgrade, keeping all users files, settings and applications?


      If anyone has please could you post below with details of what is required and what was done..


      Windows 7

      LD 9.6SP2



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          hunter13 Apprentice

          This would be very useful instead of having to image the PC and redeploy all the software again.

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            I tried it today on a HP Compaq DC7800 running Window 7 HP and the Wavelink Studio COM server version After the upgrade Win 10 ran but couldn't identify/load the existing driver for the integrated Intel 82566DM-2 NIC so I wasn't able to access my LAN or the Internet. I used another machine and I searched for a couple of hours on the Intel and Microsoft website for a solution but came up short.


            Specifically to Wavelink, when I ran Wavelink Administrator all my licenses were gone. Also all users, passwords and menus were reset to defaults. Not good. I performed the procedure to fallback to Windows 7, which it did but the Wavelink Studio COM server licenses, users, passwords and menus were all still gone and at default.


            This is the third Widows 10 in place upgrade I've done and all three have been disasters. As a avid first adopter, I was one of the first to pay for an upgraded to my Windows 7 machine so I could have Windows 8.1. Since it was an online download, I don't have the Windows 8.1 media DVD. Then I upgraded to Windows 10 back in Aug/Sept when they first started offering it. After I finished the upgrade, several of my really necessary programs quit working. Specifically, Windows Live the Windows 7 POP3 email replacement for my old Outlook Express email client that I've been using for years. Needless to say I lost years and years of old, stored emails and indirect access to my cox.net email!


            Also I turns out Pinnacle Studio Ultimate V14 wasn't compatible and stopped working. I'm 62 and have lots of old videos (VHS,  VHS-C and 8mm) of my now grown children and grandchildren. I would use Pinnacle to import from the digital camcorder, then edit and produce videos, burn to DVD and give them to all for them to enjoy.


            Then just after the 30 day fall back period ended Cortana started taking over my machine and locking it up. I would have to hold the power button and force it to shut down, only to have it do the same thing again in 30 - 40 minutes later. It finally locked up and I couldn't do anything. I contacted Microsoft support but they weren't any help. They offered to send me an ISO disk so I could restore the original OEM image but since I already had the original DVD it wasn't any help. I had to blow away the image and start all over again with a fresh load of Windows 7, including updates, programs, etc. Not to mention I lost a couple years worth of data, letters, pictures, videos, songs, etc.


            Microsoft mentions that they have already had 110 million move to Windows 10. I'm waiting a little longer, maybe when the 200th million user gets all the bugs worked out, I'll upgrade again.