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    Strategy for Static Ip Addresses in Avalanche Console 5.3 SE

    bcianciolo Rookie

      In our warehouse we have 11 devices.  The devices are a MC92N0, 2 MC9100’s and 8 MC9090 scan guns. It is possible that we could add one or two more devices, but I don’t foresee it in the near future.


      We will be putting them on a separate VLAN and assigning them static IP addresses.  The plan is to bring over the MC92N0, then the MC9100’s & then the remaining MC9090’s.  Networking has block off 50 IP addresses for this purpose.


      I’m looking for ideas on what would be the best strategy for configuring these devices in Avalanche Console 5.3 SE.  Any ideas?

      I’ve created a new Network Profile that will monitor IP addresses that are greater than or less then, and have set up a managed IP address pool.  Even though there are a small amount of devices, maintenance could be a pain. The Scan to configure profiles would eliminate some of that maintenance, but will need to change IP address on each device either manually or using ENABLER.


      Any input would be great.