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    Knowledge article presentation


      We're currently reviewing the LDSD product trying to salvage some parts of it that have been problematic since implementation. One of the many complaints is that the presentation of Knowledge articles is really ugly. The article window allows the use of HTML-enabled fields for text formatting and images, but in order to prevent the user from altering it, it has to be set as Read Only which adds a drab gray to the background and generally just looks terrible. When compared to other products on the market that seem to shine with Knowledge functionality (and UX in general), it's really been frustrating.


      During a recent demo we requested for our re-evaluation, they briefly zipped through showing a Knowledge article, but it was painfully obvious that whatever template or article display they had, it was not out of the box. They commented that it took some significant customization to show it that way. Does anyone have a better way to display these articles? If we can't get this looking better, at the very least we're looking at transitioning Knowledge out of LDSD entirely because of how primitive it is. UX is huge to us and we're just not getting what we need.