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    24 Hour Countdown Timer Service Desk 7.8


      Hi all,


      Does anyone know if it is possible to build a countdown timer that can be placed on Incident records to see how long that record has been open for?  Ideally what is needed is a countdown that in this case can start with 24 hours from the moment the record is saved.


      Also, I believe it is only possible to use one service level agreement calendar within service desk isn't?



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          Terry-Courtney Employee

          Hi Keith,


          If you don't need to the countdown timer to countdown in realtime like a live clock on a website, I think what you are asking for should be fully possible.


          I think you need to do this as an After Read calculation which does a comparision between the Creation Date and Current Time and then subtract that value from a value of 24 hours. The result will be the number of hours left until time is up.


          Is that what you are looking for?


          On the question regarding calendars, you can have as many calendars as you like. But each response level can only be associated with one calendar, which also means each ticket has one calendar associated with it, since it is associated with one response level in the SLA system.


          If the requirement is for response levels to operate in different time zones and sets of public holidays, but with the same Response and Fix SLAs, you just need to duplicate the Response Levels with a different name and associate them with the appropriate calendar. Then in you SLA matrix use a reference list like "Location" to allow the SLA to change it's calendar during the course of the ticket. There are some special considertaions for this though which hopefully these two articles will help with:


          SLA, Escalation points starting from "Incident Creation date" or from Current time


          Changing response level - new escalation points don't apply (Old but still relevant)


          The important thing with the response levels in that configuration would be the naming convention. I like to name Response Levels by *Priority*_*LengthofSLA*_*CalendarName* which keeps them all unique and useful for the analyst to read.


          Does that help at all?



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            Hi Terry,


            Thanks for the reply and I hope all is well with you


            Unfortunately we are looking for the realtime countdown.  I believe I tried what you suggested sometime ago but must have done something wrong as it made our dev system grind almost to a complete stop.  Very interesting about the calendars, thanks very much I was not aware of what you have said.


            Thanks again for your info, it is greatly appreciated.



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              Terry-Courtney Employee

              All good thanks Keith I hope likewise!


              I think for a realtime counter in that case, you might need to go down the route of creating a bespoke javascript for that, which then somehow injects the data into the view of each record. (HTML attribute)


              Yes After Read calcs you have to be super careful where you use them, especially on queries, you wan't to ensure it is used on queries which don't return hundreds of results, or just display them on the window for the ticket itself.


              No worries at all, have a great weekend!



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                All good here too thanks


                Cheers again for the info, I'll see what I can rustle up based on the added gems you have provided.


                You have a good weekend too mate