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    Connection Issue MC2180 TE-Client 7.3.197 + TermProxy 4.01




      One of our customers faces an connection issue with his Motorola MC2180 using TE-Client 7.3.197 and TermProxy 4.01 (on Windows Server) with an 5250-connection. On the mobile device a "sandclock" and "X-WAIT" is displayed in some situations and in many cases only a warm boot of the device solves this problem. The problem can occure in different situations:

      - mobile device is inactive for a longer periode of time (30 minutes till 2 hours), user initiates session, error occures

      - user terminates session, initiates a new session, error occures

      In some situations the "sandclock" only appears a few seconds and the user can continue.


      The mobile devices are configured with an always-active WLAN connection, there is no physical connection issue.

      The AS400-host indicates no error.

      The customer uses MC95 in the same configuration an there are no such issues.


      Do you have any idea where to search for the problem?




      2015-08 Fehlerbild.jpg