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    Using SendMessage.aspx or PostMessage.aspx Event Manager

    noel.lester Employee



      I am sending some attributes to the ev_event table, using the http://server/eventlogserverice/postmessage.aspx?................ URL. Which I am then using the event manager to pickup and perform an action. For this to work correctly, and attach to the correct incident, the ProcessGUID needs to be passed to the ev_process_guid column in the ev_event table.


      I have this automated process working exactly as I want, other than being able to pass the Process GUID via the postmessage.aspx or sendmessage.aspx URL, as I do not know the attribute name needed for this.


      I can post manually, using the http://server/eventlogserverice/eventlog.asmx URL, and using the PostIntegrationEvent option, and this provides some HTTP code lower down on how to pass such attributes, but I was hoping I could pass the process guid as part of the postmessage.aspx URL (as we want to be able to click a link from a HTML page) as you can the title, event type, and attributes 1 -20 etc? Does anyone know the process guid variable needed in this context?





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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Noel,


          unfortunatelly there is no process guid attribute in the Post/Sent Event. But what if you put the process guid in one of the parameters and map this parameter through the Event Manager GUI to the process guid?




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            noel.lester Employee

            Hi Christain


            Thanks for confirming what I thought was the case, as in there isn't a Process GUID in the Post event.


            I didn't try this, as in the documentation it says you should avoid mapping to a GUID. But I will give this a test, in our test system, now and let you know how it goes. However, wouldn't mapping a parameter value to a GUID overwrite the GUID?


            Another thought I had, was to use a calculation on the Events business object, to copy from a parameter field, into the ev_process_guid attribute, if the title matches this particular event?





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              Waldy Employee

              The postmessage.aspx always creates a new process, it will not update an existing one.  The only way you can get the behaviour you are requesting is to setup Event Manager to log new tickets in an unused domain such as Call, and then in the Call process, make a web service call to Event Manager that updates Incident or whatever process you are trying to update.