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    How to Push the Client out?


      LanDesk was just setup for us and I was wondering how I could push this out to all of our users?

      Some are joined to our domain but some aren't, but we do have company wide access to VPNs so is there anyway I could utilize the VPN to push the client out to all computers?


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Really this should have been discussed/provided to you as part of the setup!


          That aside though....


          It is quite a large topic but in brief:


          1. Right-clicking an agent configuration lets you build the 'Advance Agent'
            1. This is a small MSI that controls the download of the main agent
            2. Often used in GPOs
            3. Cannot be launched manually as it installs a service and that level of execution is prevented when double-clicking an MSI even if you are an admin (there are workarounds but not great for end users
          2. Push from the core server
            1. If your LANDESK Scheduler is running as a domain admin and has been provided an account name and password that exists on the target machines you can push the agent from the Core
            2. If firewalls are running on the client this may be blocked (can you get to the C$ share?)
            3. Non-domain devices need to already have a common admin account user for you to give the scheduler service
            4. VPNs often prevent you accessing connected machines in this way (can you resolve the PC when it is on the VPN and can you access its C$?)
          3. Manual Install
            1. Right-click the agent configuration and create a self-extracting EXE
            2. Send to end users (it will be big)
            3. Can only be used by someone who has admin rights
          4. Use something you already have
            1. If you have something else that can deliver software use that to deploy the MSI or EXEs mentioned above
              1. Some have used McAfee EPO to deploy the agent


          So 'Yes' it can be done, but there are conditions that may prevent it working for you. Not LANDEDK's fault as it doesn't have advanced capabilities until it is already installed. Until then you have to use AN Other method to get it there.


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