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    How to see what your bat file is doing when run as a scheduled task in LANDesk


      Had quite a few issues recently when trying to run batch file packages. They work fine when ran directly on the machine, but not when using LANDesk. The task say ssuccessful but what was supposed to happen, hasn't.


      By doing the following you can export the contents of what has happened when the bat file was run on the client exactly as you would see if running the commands locally from a cmd prompt window:

      e.g Access denied, file not found etc


      Right click your bat file package

      Click Properties

      Click Install/Unistall options

      Add the following line in command line (without the quatation marks and changing install.txt to the name of your app):

      "> c:\Install.txt 2>&1"

      Schedule a task to run the batch file package, which should create c:\Install.txt which will show exaclty what happened on the clients


      Screenshot included



      Produces a file like the one attached

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