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    Re-install Service Pack?


      9.5 SP3 - We are having lots of strange issues... Features that supposedly are supported in 9.5 SP3 do not work. Windows 10 devices show as Win 8.1 and we cannot remote to them. The Remote Service on the client will not stay running but no logs of use are generated... PXE booting of EUFI devices does not work. All this stuff works on our 9.6 test server and is SUPPOSED to work on 9.5 SP3 but it does not... Even though we have confirmed with LDesk that we have 9.5 SP3 installed, it almost seems like some files are missing... We generated an agent install on another 9.5 core and installed it on a win10 client and everything worked fine.


      Has anyone ever re-installed a service pack?? Something is wonky here and I dont want to upgrade a sick server to 9.6 and we do not have the time or resources right now to do a new side by side upgrade.


      Anyone had similar issues? Missing files? Re-installed service packs??