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    notification of machine on line

    wmorse Apprentice

      Does anyone have any idea how I can get a few of my laptops to notify me once they connect to the network. Lets say after an Inventory scan runs and it successfully sends the scan to the core server could I get notified  through an email that the machine is on the network. We have a small handful of laptops that very rarely connect and there for I miss them or by the time I see they are connected it is to late to push updates or software to them.  I did have a VBS script on the laptops in the startup folder so that it would email me right away. But our Exchange Server Admin turned the feature off to allow that type of email going out for security reasons so now I am stuck again not knowing when these machines come on the network.


      I am using LDMS 9.6 SP2

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          carlos Expert

          Have you tried an alert?

          Under configuration --> Alerting, there you can set an email notification to certain events.

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            wmorse Apprentice

            I am looking into that trying to figure out how to exactly do that for only the few machines that I need to notify me. I don't want every machine to notify me every time they connect.

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              carlos Expert

              I would think that you need to create a separate agent with an alert for those machines.

              Or update alert settings to only those machines.

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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                If the only thing you want to do is get software to them, then look at using policies rather than pushes. You will need to make sure you have their agent configurations set to check for policies but that is normally on by default. Watch out for the delay setting. A policy will mean that you don't need to know they are online for them to get the software, it will just happen when they become available. Is there a reason why you have to use a push?


                You might also want to consider using the Cloud Service Appliance. This would allow the laptops to be manageable when they are external but connected over the internet. No issues waiting for them to come back in.


                Finally if you do still want notifications for this or any other reason, this is one of the features in our State Management plug-in so might be worth you looking at that too.


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                  wmorse Apprentice

                  I found out that we have one server that is allowed to send out emails through scripting. So I have these laptops write to a file on this server and then every 5 minutes I have a script that checks to see if the file had changed in the last 5 minutes if it has it sends me an email.  This seems to be working pretty good.

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                    PatrickWren Rookie

                    From the console, got to Configure/Device Monitoring...


                    Click the Add button, then select the devices you want to monitor.  You can then set up the desired frequency of pings.  This will write alert notifications to the core server logs.


                    You can then configure an alert in the core alert ruleset to email you when these notifications are written in the log.