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    Management Console 9.6sp2, cannot open due to lost permissions, Win8.1

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      To help out someone else...


      There was an update, October 2015, to my Windows 8.1 desktop that runs Landesk Management console 9.6sp2. After restarting, a Windows error popped up when I tried to open the management console. It stated some nonsense about not being able to open the file due to a variety of issues, including not having permissions.


      This is a workstation hooked to a domain and I was logged on as an account with Admin permissions due to a group on the domain that gave such rights.


      I checked the file permissions of the Managemenet Console file and the permissions for the domain were still in place.


      I checked the updates that were installed, and some were fixing account security issues. Any windows update affecting those types of security issues cannot be uninstalled.


      I tried to manually install the one update that the computer needed and looked like would fix the problem, but it wouldn't install, probably because I didn't really have any rights.


      I was able to open the Start button link of "Command Prompt", but not "Command Prompt (Admin)", and I was always able to open both before.


      The last was the clue that helped me find the fix on TechNet... see Admin Rights Win 8.1 Completely Lost



      Just wish I knew why it happened.