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    CSA DMZ firewall configuration

    carlos Expert

      Hello, I'm not a Network expert, If someone could take a look at this firewall configuration that would be great.

      I'm trying to secure as much as possible the connections to the CSA. I have a CSA located in vCloud.

      This is the configuration as I have it right now (and is working)

      Is there anything else that I need to change to solidify the firewall?


      As per documentation



      Thank you!

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          JonnyB SupportEmployee

          For the CSA working with LDMS 9.6 you need port 443 inbound (external:any > CSA:443)


          you also need port 443 open from the core to the CSA (Core:any > CSA:443)


          To license and patch the CSA you need 80 and 443 outbound to the landesk servers (CSA:any > *.landesk.com:443 and CSA:any > *.landesk.com:80)