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    iaStor.sys could not be found while imaging

    Ironbike Apprentice

      It seems that I have a user error with imaging.  I have an older laptop and a PC, neither one has SATA or raid drives.  I'm using LDMS 8.8 with SP1.  When I try to capture an image with WinPE, in both cases, the PE images downloads and reboots the devices as it should, but when the devices come back up I get this error.  


      The error is "The file \i386\system32\driver.0\iaStor.sys could not be found." Press any key to continue.



      After pressing the any key a message appears "Setup failed. Press any key to restart your computer."



      When the PC reboots the message is loading RAMDISK image..., then its back to the iaStor.sys could not be found error.  I thought if the process fails and the devices reboot, it would reboot to the OS installed.






      Any thoughts?