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    Disable SEP 12 for profile capture

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I started playing around with the profile capture function in provisioning and it was taking about 3 hours to pull a 4 GB profile of a Win7x64 machine using LD 9.6 SP2.  I tried putting the capture on both a NAS and a local server with the same result.


      I realized that SEP 12 was running and decided to try the capture after disabling SEP on the source computer.  It took about 15 minutes to capture the profile after that. 


      I tried to stop the SEP services  SepMasterService and SmcService through a provisioning action before the capture, but those actions failed.  Those two services have the start and stop buttons grayed out in the service properties.


      Going to the machine and having to manually disable SEP is not practical for the migration process.  Anyone know of a trick to disable SEP through a provisioning action?