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    list of devices that have to run sync scan

    HermiM Apprentice

      Dear all,


      I am using LANDESK Management Suite V 9.6.


      I have read on internet that since Landesk Management Suite V9.5 the list of computers that have to run sync scan was added to the LanDesk database. Please could any one tell me how can I get this information.


      I need it to know how many computers will run a sync scan in the company.


      If there is another solution or I should check a registry key on managed devices, please tell me what registry key should I check.


      Thanks in advance and waiting for your feedback.



      Best regards


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          Hi, this data is stored on the back end database.


          Within MS SQL Management Studio you can run the following against your DB to get the info you are looking for:


          select * from computer c

          inner join KeyValueStringArray kva on c.DeviceId = kva.StringValue

          inner join keyvalue kv on kva.KeyValue_Idn = kv.KeyValue_Idn

          where kv.keyname = 'force full scans'


          This will give you back information from the computer table about the devices which need to do a full scan.



          Brandon Hill

          -System Architect