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    Windows System Variable incorrect in LDAV for LANDesk 9.6 SP2


      I'm running LANDesk 9.6 SP2 and have found an issue in the LANDesk Antivirus Agent Settings screen (for Windows AV clients) that may affect a large number of people.  I'm not sure if this defect is in earlier versions of LANDesk Antivirus...


      When adding a file, folder, or extension exclusion to LANDesk Antivirus, there is a button labeled "Insert Variable" that contains an invalid system variable.  The invalid system variable is %USERPROFILES% (note the "S" at the end).  The correct variable should be %USERPROFILE% (no "S").  These variables are hard-coded into the LANDesk Antivirus Agent Settings "Insert Variable" button and cannot be changed.  However, there are two work-arounds that I could think of:


           1.  You can select the incorrect variable from the list, navigate to the text line where the invalid system variable was inserted, and remove the extra "S".

           2.  You can manually type in the correct system variable instead of using the "Insert Variable" button.


      If anyone has configured AV exclusions using the %USERPROFILES% system variable from the "Insert Variable" button, those exclusions are probably not working.  The exclusions did not work in my tests until I corrected the variable by removing the extra "S".


      I have searched the Community for any other documents that describe this issue.  If this is a known issue, I apologize for bringing this up.  I could not find any other articles that discussed this issue.


      I've attached a screen shot of the "Insert Variable" pull-down with the incorrect system variable: