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    cistom Scripts



      LANDesk version 8.8






      Is there any way to speed up the running any custom scripts such as Inventory Scanner. any scripts that I run takes ages to complete.



      e.g to run an inventory on 30 pc's takes approximately 40 minutes.



      Any ideas. thanks Kevin  



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          The heading should read Custom Scripts



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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            On your REMEXEC0= line, end the line with , ASYNC    you must do ', ASYNC' the comma separates it from the commandline.


            The default action with a script is to run in SYNC mode that waits for the program to exit before moving on. ASYNC will simply launch it and move on straight away.



            If you really want to know when the scan is finished then you will need to reduce the scan that you do maybe using /F- to not scan software as an example.



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