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    OSD LANDesk DOS boot



      I am trying to boot from our Fujitsu Lifebook's to LANDesk does for OSD and have been proven unsuccessful thus far.  The driver is the marvell-yukon 88e8055. I have my PXE reps deployed and my clients get an ip address, but i get to this point:



      Transferring control to DOS boot diskette image...



      Starting Windows98



      Type the name of the command Interpreter (e.g. c:\windows\command.com)






      I have followed the steps on the LANDesk Appendix to no avail.  I also followed the steps of running the nicinfo.eexe app and matching the ven, dev and drv info in the nic.txt file.  



      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Ah - yeah, that hardware can be more than a bit troublesome.


          So what you can try to check is plough through the BIOS and see if you can enable an FDD controller (in some cases that's enough). You may want to google for the particular version you have - I've had issues before where there were other mentions where on the WWW of this or that model having problems with PXE booting.


          One important thing is trying to update the BIOS - that can potentially resolve all sorts of issues.


          Also - try various drivers, sometimes (we find) that a driver 2 or 3 revs back works fine while a "current" one does not.


          Ultimately, you may want to look at WinPE - you may still have the odd driver issue there, but it's comparably far, FAR less messy than DOS and the drivers that vendors provide for it.


          Hope this helps some.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.