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    How to set BIOS password






      I have around 2000 Dell Desktops in my organisation, i need to set a BIOS password in all these machines.



      Is there any script or tool which i can deploy through Landesk.



      If any one have done this do share it...









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The problem is not "the script" - it's "being able to do it in the first place". Long as you can run a command, LANDesk can do that for you.


          Problem here is that you need a special utility - from Dell - to set the passwords. This is not something LANDesk CAN provide (we didn't write the BIOS), this has to come from the hardware manufacturer.


          Now the bad news ... not every hardware vendor HAS those. Furthermore, if they DO have such a tool it may not work on every piece of hardware - i.e. "model x" may be fine, but "model y and z are out of the question". It really depends on what your OEM is up to.


          If you can get such a tool and it'll work on your hardware - sure - LANDesk can automate the execution. But the "real work" is nothing to do with us :).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.