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    Directory Manager Query Export ?



      I have created an LDAP Query in Directory manager and want to create a report for it.  Is there a way to get this done.  I am trying to get LDAP info.  I am using LD 8.7 SP 5






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          There is no report feature for Directory Manager, however, you have a couple of options:


          1. Use dsquery and dsget -  DSQUERY group domainroot -name "NAME OF GROUP" | DSGET group -members >> c:\reports\reportname.txt

          2. Use sysexporter to export the listing to export the listing of the LDAP Query Results Window (quick and dirty).

            1. Run Sysexp

            2. Right Click on LDAP Query

            3. Run Query

            4. Find LDAP Query Results | TextBox

            5. Select Data in the Windows

            6. Right Click

          You can export data from any LANDesk Console Window - Security Patch Information, Etc...