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      I have noticed that there are a bunch of files with the above name that is eating my disk space. How can I prevent from getting this log files.



      I have 8 gig eaten by these files.










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          zman Master


          Where are the file located client or core?


          1. If core than somebody has flipped on user rolling logs. The will be named LDInv32.exe2688_2592.log and be in the LDMAIN folder. To turn off:

            1. Configure| Services | Inventory Tab | Advanced Settings | Scroll to the bottom and make sure Use rolling log is set to 0


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            What would this do?



            This option is set to 1.



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              zman Master


              1 Creates very detailed logs for the inventory service since you can't xtrace the service anymore. This is only needed for troubleshooting/diagnostic scenarios, so I would change it to 0. The logs, depending on how busy your service is can become very large.