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    Run on client problem






      I have a question regarding monitoring and alerting in landesk 8.8



      We are monitoring our servers and i have made a custom alert that would trigger if a logical disk is 80% full.



      I want this alert to be send to our servicedesk application. (Which supports url submissions)



      I created a visual basic script that will send the message through an url to the application. When i test this by clicking the .vbs everything works fine and the new incident is created in the application.



      The custom alert has an action "run on client" and path "c:\beheer\scripts\Topdesk_HDD_80.vbs" which is the .vbs i created.



      For testing purpose i gave the windows 2003 group "everyone" the change rights on the folders and file.



      When i trigger this alert by filling a disk for 80+ % i do see the alert in the health dashboard but my .vbs doesn't run.



      I checked the alert.log file on the test server and it gives me the following output:



      2008-08-04 09:00:07(76484-84944) alert.exe:Processing alert internal.monitoring.drives.diskspace instance C:

      2008-08-04 09:00:08(76484-84944) alert.exe:Alert transmitted to

      2008-08-04 09:00:08(76484-84944) alert.exe:Executing handler: c:\beheer\scripts\Topdesk_HDD_80.vbs



      2008-08-04 09:00:08(76484-84944) alert.exe:Error executing local hadler executeclient "c:\beheer\scripts\Topdesk_HDD_80.vbs"



      I didn't find anything about this on the forums. Does anybody have an idea what is going wrong?






      Thanks in advance.